Intensive Content  
The Industry Intensive is a summer school unlike any other.
  Bringing you industry professionals from all areas of the performing arts, students are able to learn how to excel in more than just their dominant area. 
Taught by some of Australia's leading professionals, classes will include:

- Dance, (Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Theatre, Lyrical, Tap) 

- Acting (Stage, Screen, Character Development)
- Voice (Technique, Repertoire, Vocal Health, Singing as an ensemble)
- Industry Knowledge (CVs, Finding Agents, Headshots, Selling Yourself)

- Audition Techniques (Being noticed, Picking up content, Panel feedback)

- Workshopping a never seen before new Australian Musical
Students will work with agents, screen actors, musical performers, elite dancers, writers and other leading teachers of the industry. 
Who is the Intensive for?
  Students will be divided into three streams according to their confidence in the disciplines.
  As this is a multifaceted initiative, students of all specialisms are welcomed. They will be pushed in areas that they are comfortable with and nurtured in those that they are less experienced in. 
  The Industry Intensive is perfect for those anticipating auditions in their future and are hoping to develop as well-rounded, employable professionals.
  The minimum age recommended for the junior stream is 7 years old, but feel free to contact us with younger exceptions. 
Mock Audition
    The final day will involve a mock audition utilising the skills learnt in previous sessions for a completely unknown, new Australian musical.

  A panel will be present to give professional critiques of each student's audition, providing invaluable insight into the audition process. 

    This is such a rare and important learning opportunity sure to provide students with greater success in future audition rooms, with students having the choice of auditioning as a group or individually.
"First of all a big big big thank you for an awesome 4 day workshop - I hope you have one next year cause that will make it easy for future Christmas presents-thank you again & again & again. **** already told me she wants to do the next one- she loved loved loved all she learned -she quite proudly told me she wrote 25 pages of notes ( usually lucky to get one page lol) we will definitely see you next year."